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Geeta Jayanti


Geeta Jayanti commemorates the auspicious day when Lord Krsna enlightened Arjuna with the holy teachings of the Bhagawad Geeta. It was at the critical juncture - just before the great war of Mahabharata, when Arjuna felt emotionally confused and requested the Lord for guidance. It was through this long dialogue that Lord Krsna explained to Arjuna the meaning of Karmayoga and how, by adhering to Dharma, a person can achieve the highest virtue.

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 The perennial philosophy of Bhagawad Geeta has been a rich source of guidance, enlightenment and inspiration to the entire mankind for centuries. It is one of the few scriptures of the world which clearly explains the cherished principles and practices of the gospel of inspired action. It is a compendium of ageless wisdom which combines the understanding of mind, body and spirit; sets forth in straight forward language the essential steps towards self-transformation. Geeta presents a complete vision of both the theoretical knowledge of the Supreme Divinity (Brahma Vidya) and also the yoga-sastra, the techniques to perceive and experience the transcendental reality which is the substratum of the universe. The philosophical message of Geeta guides the individual to the entrance to higher path of living where he can improve the quality of life and become introduced to his inherent potentials. Sri Krsna enlightens Arjuna with the mysteries of yogic unity and how a person becomes wise just by learning to live in the awareness of the Higher-Self. He repeats several times during the dialogue "tasmat sarvesu kalesu yogayukto bhava arjuna", O'Arjuna remain aware of the yogic unity with the Self and do all your work with the guidance of the Self. Alignment of mind, body and spirit under all circumstances is indeed a necessity of life. Yoga is perpetual anchorage with source of life and Karma yoga is the manifestation of anchorage in the activities of day-today life. Karma yoga is definitely an extra ordinary spiritual practice. He tells Arjuna that everything in our day-today life revolves around the games of mind and unless the mind is anchored to the indwelling Supreme-Self, man will continue to err. It is necessary therefore to learn to live in the consciousness of the soul, perceive the pure intelligence within the range of conscious mind and infuse the purity of Divine nature into the activities of daily life. Excellerate the awareness above the field of conditioned thinking and experience the influences of the Super-conscious even in the ordinary activities of daily life. With alignment to the source of life clarity of vision improves rapidly and retrieval of memory becomes more pronounced. Ordinary work is performed with extra ordinary efficiency and enthusiasm. Exceptional functional skills and extra ordinary abilities become more evidential. Peaceful living becomes a way of life and mind remains alert and attentive to the call of the Divine.

Fulfillment of life is in the simple practice of living in God consciousness which brings inner integrity, stability of mind, inner peace and poise, increased will power, contentment, greater efficiency in work and unfoldment of innate potentials. Sri Krsna explains that the gospel of contemplation combined with inspired action is not simple to understand until the individual excelrates himself to a specific level of consciousness where mind becomes purified and enters into the realm of luminous transcendental Self. The moment when one becomes settled in the unconditional purity of the Self, he naturally becomes free from all desires of acquisition, preservation, rewards, name and fame. In the enlightened state of self-realization the attitude of selfless action becomes a second nature. When the false sense of selfish individualism is dissolved, the person works very effortlessly and graciously. Success and excellence in work reflects the equipoise, tranquility and peace of mind is possible only when mind is settled in yogic unity with Divine.

The general theme of the dialogue is the realization of the Supreme-soul through the constant practice of yogic unity. The concept of yoga in the Geeta declares that a person can keep his identity rooted in the essential nature of the Self while being engaged into the activities of his daily life. Yogic unity with the Self can be practiced at almost each and every station of life, in office, at home, with family, while walking, and while performing the most serious duties. In Geeta the person is initiated to live his entire life in the awareness of Divine and perform all his work through the guidance of unity in yoga. Sri Krsna makes it very clear that unity in yoga is not merely a practice in isolation; it is the discipline of living in the consciousness of the Self. It is the manifestation of inner peace in everyday life. It is the experience of living in Bliss which comes to us with disciplined daily practice and gradually grows from moment to moment.

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The message of the holy dialogue has been held in deep reverence by the sages, philosophers, and learned scholars all over the world. The teachings of the Geeta are universal, broad, and sublime, meant for the welfare of entire creation. The Bhagawad Geeta is one of the most well-known and revered texts among the other scriptures of the world. It is a compendium of spiritual wisdom and the most appropriate guide for living a harmonious life in all respects. There are hundreds of commentaries on the Bhagawad Geeta--both in Indian and in many foreign languages. This is perhaps the most widely translated scriptural text of the world. In the words of Dr. Radhakrishnan, "For centuries people have found comfort in this great book which sets forth in precise and penetrating words the essential principles of a spiritual religion which are not contingent on ill-founded facts, unscientific dogmas or arbitrary fancies. With a long history of spiritual power, it serves even today as a light to all who will receive illumination from the profundity of its wisdom which insists on a world, wider and deeper than wars and revolutions can touch. It is a powerful shaping factor in the renewal of spiritual life and has secured an assured place among the world's greatest scriptures." 

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The message of Geeta presents a profound insight into the workings of human nature and also provides guidance which is needed in every field of life. A simple and straightforward approach towards the understanding of the Self at various levels of human consciousness makes the dialogue really unique. Ever since the teachings of Geeta have become known to the people in Europe and America, it has quickly won the interest and admiration of millions. Many philosophical and religious groups in foreign countries hold the same respect for Geeta as the people in India. About the popularity of Geeta, Mahatma Gandhi has written that during one of his visits to England he went to a big library and inquired from the librarian about the most popular religious book which was in greatest demand. The librarian informed him that it was indeed the Bhagawad Geeta. The well-known professor of religion at Oxford University, Dr. Zaehner, has written about the glory of the sacred song in these words, "Geeta is a first-hand guide to the ancient roots of Vedic religion." The great respect and appreciation for Geeta has been voiced by Warren Hastings, the first British Governor General of India, in year 1773. He has said, "When the British Empire is lost in oblivion, when its sources of wealth and prosperity are not remembered, this scripture and lessons it contains will continue to inspire millions of people in this world." Sir Edwin Arnold has designated the holy Geeta to be the incomparable religious classic of the world. Similarly, Dr. Annie Besant, Dr. Paul Brunton, Mr. Von Humboldt, Maxmuller, Emerson, Franklin Edgerton, Aldous Huxley, and many other scholars and educationists of the world have taken Geeta as a text for the exposition of their thoughts. 

Geeta Jayanti is celebrated all over India with great respect and enthusiasm especially at Jyotisar, Kurukshetra (a small place in North West India), where Lord Krsna enlightened Arjuna with the holy teachings of the Bhagawad Geeta. In Jyotisar, everything speaks about the subtle gleam of Divinity and the spiritual mystery of Lord Krsna as a God incarnate, a great warrior and a guide of nations, the protector of Dharma (righteousness) a compassionate and a caring friend of Arjuna, the speaker of Bhagawad Geeta, and the greatest teacher of the world. There you feel the presence of Lord Krsna everywhere-in the movements of people, in the choirs of devotees, in the bells of the temples and in the whisper of the breeze. In Jyotisar, you feel that your mind is accelerated to a specific level of awareness which is peaceful and relaxed, even when you drive out of the town, the words of Geeta recital remain with you like the light of the dusk which lingers in memory long after the moment itself is gone. Anyone who has been blessed to spend some time in Jyotisar can express the rich experience of his closeness to Divine. On Geeta Jayanti, the temples are decorated and the Geeta recitals are organized in large groups of people for collective illumined consciousness. Talks and discourses on Bhagawad Geeta are arranged to enlighten the general public about the glory of the Holy song of the Supreme Divinity. Thousands of copies of pocket size Geeta are distributed at various conferences and temples. The sages recommend that everybody should always keep the small edition of Geeta in his pocket for the study of selected verses whenever there is an opportunity. This helps the person to be in harmony with the voice of God and receive sufficient guidance for the activities of day-today life. 

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Geeta Jayanti is also celebrated as Mokshada Ekadashi and Vaikuntha Ekadashi -- the auspicious day especially recommended for meditative unity with the indwelling Supreme-soul which brings liberation in this life and the life hereafter. Some people those who aspire for authentic spiritual growth in life they hold fast on this special Ekadashi and spend the entire day in melodious recital of Geeta and meditation. It is believed that cosmic combination on this eleventh day of the bright half of the lunar calendar -- known as Mokshada Ekadashi initiates the mind for yogic unity in transcendence which brings liberation in life. Mukti or Moksha is not only at departure from the world. Liberation and absolute Bliss can be achieved in one's present lifetime and also in the life hereafter. Liberation is living in the awareness of the Divine, liberation is the acceptance of the self; liberation is living a life free from worldly desires, liberation is living in the nature of Supreme-soul. Moksha or Nirvana is also right here -- in the middle of Samsara. It is to be in touch with the center of our being -- The Sahja Avastha, where we are not compelled by any desire, where we have no regrets, no expectations, no fear, and we can hold on to our essential nature which is pure, peaceful, and absolute Bliss. The learned sages declare that the regular study of Bhagawad Geeta makes us receptive to the voice of God and helps us to experience the yogic unity with the indwelling - soul which brings liberation in due course of time. The message of the holy dialogue is indeed phenomenal -- the gateway to peace, happiness, harmony and liberation.

Sri Krsna Arpanam Astu
Shubham Bhooyat
ekam shastram devakiputra geetam
eko devo devakiputra eva
eko mantrasya namani yani
karmaya eko tasya devasya seva
Hari Aum Tatsat, Hari Aum Tatsat, Hari Aum Tatsat
Aum Shanti-Shanti-Shanti


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