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Throughout the year a series of important events such as celebration of Geeta Jayanti, Janamashtami, Community Yagnas, Geeta recitals, Lectures and Baccalaureate services are organized by Geeta society to meet the social, educational, cultural and religious needs of the community. These events promote peace and harmony among the families and bring them closer in a relaxed spiritual bond.


Celebrations bring together several ethnic groups enlightening them about the basic belief of vedic ritualistic philosophy and necessity of spirituality in day-today life. On these occasions when people meditate and sing the glories of God, cook and eat together sharing their common experiences a special bond of relaxed understanding is developed, which results in increased desire for service. The spirit of mutual co-operation engenders other special virtues like sense of belonging, attenuation of ego and increased co-ordination in all respects.


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Community Yagnas, Geeta recitals, and religious workshops are organized by the devotees on New Year day, Makra Sankranti, Shivaratri, Holi, Nirjala Ekadashi, Navratra, Badarpada ashtami, and Mokshada Ekadasi. Baccalaureate service (Vedaramba sanskar) is organized in co-ordination with Shiva Vishnu Temple, Livermore. The graduates from all over the Bay area are initiated to join for Saraswati Pujan --- the worship for the goddess of education. Students are blessed with hymns from Vedas and every one of them receives a copy of Holy Geeta. Geeta Jayanti and Krsna Janamashtami are celebrated with great respect and enthusiasm in the month of August and December in the community hall of Livermore temple. The media is contacted about the celebrations and open invitation to the entire public to join the events. Separate booths are organized by older children to distribute the literature on Bhagawad Geeta and other Holy Books. Gourmet Indian food and delicacies are served to the people coming from all ethnic groups. The celebrations start with recital of Holy verses from Bhagawad Geeta followed by Bhajans, expressing the glory of Lord Krsna. Children from all over the Bay area participate in the youth program which includes skits, group dances, music, recital of Holy hymns, verses and speeches on the meaning of Bhagawad Geeta. The best part of the celebrations is that everything becomes soaked with spirituality. On Janamashtami Lord Krsna's Janam Kal Pooja is conducted jubilantly at twelve o' clock midnight with auspicious sounds of celestial conches and heavenly bells. Hundreds of devotees gather around the magnificent cradle in which Bal Gopal is enshrined for auspicious darshana. The celebration of these special events definitely marks a new phase in human endeavor to discover peace, harmony, and happiness within families and communities.