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  • Size:10 cm x 16 cms

Pages: 40 (soft cover)

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It is a beautiful and concise introduction to the meaning, mysteries and power of the Holy Syllable Aum. Sound of Aum is the whisper from the unified field of consciousness to itself. It is the first manifestation of Divine energy. It is the primordial sound Aum which vibrates and reverberates within itself and becomes everything in space and time. The whole universe is the spectacular manifestations of Brahma Nad (primordial sound Aum).


Excerpts from the book:

  • The sound energy of the Holy Syllable Aum is a connecting link to the entire universe, as well as to the deepest mysteries of the Supreme-Self.

  • The mystic syllable AUM has the power to awaken within the mind the corresponding God consciousness. It prepares the mind for going into the quietness of the Self.

  • The primordial sound Aum meditation is indeed a vehicle of spiritual illumination. It helps the person to regulate and harmonize the entire thinking faculty into a certain order.

  • The sound of Aum has been upheld to be the root mantra. Concentration on the sound of AUM connects us to the indwelling Supreme-Self as well as to the entire universe. The philologists believe that all the vowels have originated from AUM, and have asserted that if one concentrates and repeats the vowels for a few minutes, like A E I O U, the sound of AUM can be heard resonating very clearly. AUM is considered to be the source of all the alphabets in Sanskrit and the source of all the languages. It is also believed that the basic seven sounds of music have originated from the primordial nada AUM.

  • The simple practice of repeating the holy syllable AUM and remaining aware of the sound is in itself an austerity which purifies the mind and makes us receptive to the voice of God. Sound meditation is an alignment with the Supreme reality from where the flow of life receives guidance. Sound meditation is not just a religious practice, is certainly a necessity of life.

  • Meditation on the mystic syllable 'AUM' is the most beneficial austerity which reveals almost all the mysteries of macrocosm and microcosm. It is an introduction to various branches of knowledge such as physical-self, psychological-self and the spiritual-self.

  • Meditation with the sound of AUM is a vehicle of spiritual illumination in the form of self-realization and God-realization. It helps to experience something which is real and yet waiting to be revealed to us, something so close to our heart yet waiting to be perceived and intimated.


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