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Talks on the power of Mantra (7 volume series) (Audio)


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Talks on the Power of Mantra is a series of lectures for the whole family. It describes how to cope with problems appearing in day-today life and more than that it probes beneath the surface of daily life and points to real cause of these problems. The philosophy of mantra builds faith and confidence in God, promise of a peaceful, secure new world where quietness of clear sky showers its blessings, the mother earth is rich with fertility and harmony is maintained on the planet with alignment to the source of life. The theme of self-knowledge centered in the quiet repetition of mantra definitely inspires and motivates the listeners to explore their inherent potential and live skillfully, creatively and effectively in their day-today life. 

Vol.1 Mantra 

A mantra can be a syllable, a single word, a hymn or a verse. It is a concise prayer imbued with powerful vibration. Each mantra has its own special importance and significance. It is only by contemplating and meditating on mantra with faith, humility and sincere devotion, a person is able to comprehend its inherent potential in the appropriate spirit; and if he is able to be in unity with the words of mantra the results are bound to be highly beneficial, rewarding and absolutely astonishing. 

Vol.2 Mantra and Meditation 

Constant recitation of mantra has the power to awaken within the mind, the corresponding awareness of the Self, which does prepare the mind for specific type of concentration in meditation. Through constant daily repetition of mantra the mind learns to stay absorbed into the awareness of the specific thought created by mantra. This constant awareness leads the mind to the awareness of the goal in meditation.

Vol.3 Mantra - the unveiling of inner freedom 

Liberation is the acceptance of the Supreme Lord and doing all our work in a co-partnership with God. Freedom is living in the tissue of the present moment where there is no lingering shadow of the past and no illusion of future. Liberation is the acceptance of the Self. Liberation is living in the essential nature of the soul with the experiential knowledge of our own immortality. 

Vol.4 Mantra - a mystical experience of the pure self 

Purity of heart has been highly emphasized in all the religious traditions of the world. The purity of heart reflects the purity of the indwelling Supreme-soul. People those are clean in mind and body are indeed the walking manifestations of God. They are the embodiment of the Divine grace and carry that grace wherever they go. 

Vol.5 Mantra - discovery of life -in - itself 

Know Thyself the most favorite words of the Greek philosopher Socrates are written on the temple of the Oracle in ancient Greece. Discovery of the Self is the most valuable and the most rewarding gift of life. It is a shift in thinking Process. It is coming out of a certain type of a life frame and stepping into another one in which we open our eyes  simply look around and feel enlightened and blessed.

Vol.6 Mantra - phenomenal help in yogic communion 

The most popular word of Vedic literature yoga has been derived from Sanskrit root word Yuj which literally means to bind, combine and join together the mind, body and spirit in order to experience a union and communion with the indwelling Supreme-self. It is the communion of human soul with Divine. It is an art which helps the person to bring his scattered thoughts together into a reflective and meditative state of mind in order to comprehend the presence of Divinity within. 

Vol.7 Mantra -the silent call of the Divine 

The phenomenal power of the secret melody created by the rhythmical repetition of holy syllable at the sub conscious level of awareness always remains with us no matter where we are and whatever we are doing. It keeps collecting the scattered energy back towards its source and keeps the awareness of the indwelling Lord conscious and alive. It helps us to become more and more receptive to the silent call of the Divine and live in harmony with the rhythms of the universe.


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