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Read, Reflect and Renew:

Observing the immense popularity of Vedic literature in the West and a sincere request for the recommendation of resources, now Geeta Society presents a wide variety of books and CDs by Prabha Duneja. She is a noted Hindu scholar and has spent years writing and interpreting the ancient Hindu scriptures, rites and rituals. 

These books and CDs will guide you into a new world of inner awakening by unlocking the exhilarating, enriching, inspirational, and timeless teachings of the ancient Hindu scriptures, Vedic religious practices, the celestial powers of mantra, the deep mysteries of mind and body and the science of yoga and meditation. 

The beauty and elegance of these books and CDs have many dimensions: originality, erudition, well-articulated explanations, thoughtfulness, wealth of knowledge, practicality, rationality, simplicity and clarity. In words of Prof. Norris Palmer at Saint Mary's college of California (USA), "Prabha Duneja’s work is extraordinary. Combining fresh, accessible translations with judicious use of rich and varied scholarship, and with keen insight into the heart of the world’s oldest living wisdom tradition, Duneja has produced a wonderful set of resources for both personal and scholarly study. Her understanding of inter-religious matters is clear as her work skillfully bridges not only linguistic and cultural chasms but philosophical ones as well, thus making it valuable for persons from all religious backgrounds. Her writing, both explaining the traditions of Hinduism and expanding upon them, brings clarity to the most delicate and difficult concepts. The works available here are unique scholarly achievements and ones that will greatly benefit all who encounter them. I heartily recommend them. And, as an added bonus, all proceeds from these works benefit schools and orphanages in India serving many persons in great need."