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National Association for the Blind

National Association for the Blind
Central Green, K.C. Road, N.I.T. Faridabad, Haryana
Ph: 0129-2412619

The national association for the blind program was started in 1990, with the aim to provide training to visually impaired girls and boys. The rehab training at the school gives tremendous confidence to the students and enables them to explore job opportunities in life and thus become self-sufficient and contributory members of societyOver the years, the program has generated immense enthusiasm amongst the candidates and is in popular demand. Comprehensive training is imparted in shorthand, fixing of paper in braille machines, knowledge of compared word, short firms, group signs, phrases, etc. With practice, students comfortably achieve a typing speed of up to 60 words per minute in typing and shorthand. The trainees are taught to handle various types of sophisticated electronics and communication equipment used in offices. The training is provided by dedicated and trained instructors.

There are special programs in home science for girls. The duration of training is six months, during which girls are taught cooking, washing, stitching, knitting, housekeeping, dressing and personal development. The training makes them independent and confident to become good housewives. This is a residential program during which the association provides free food, hostel accomodations and medical facilities.

Geeta Society has generously supported the school for the blind over the last 10 years. The grants for the educational needs of the students are sanctioned every year.

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