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Geeta Society Provides Global Humanitarian Services
The society supports the educational institutes in India, Mozambique and Kenya in order to provide quality education for poor and handicapped children, so that they can become productive, responsible and respectable members of the society. This is one of the most cherished features of Geeta Society. At present Geeta society supports three orphanages, two handicapped schools and a school for the blind in India and two schools in Mozambique and Kenya, Africa:

Arya Kanya Sadan (Orphanage) in Faridabad, Haryana

Aanchal Chhaya (Orphanage) in Palwal, Haryana

Arya Anathalaya (Orphanage) in Ferozepur, Punjab

Educational-Cum-Vocational Association for the Disabled (School) in Ballabgarh, Haryana

Chetna Welfare Society (School) in Faridabad, Hayana

National Association for the Blind in Faridabad, Haryana

Sun of Mozambique High School in Beira, Mozambique

Handow Secondary School in Lugari, Kenya

To help Geeta Society in support of global education, please donate.

Educational Services Provided by Geeta Society within the US
In an effort to promote interfaith, peace and harmony, spiritual and cultural awareness, love and religious tolerance, Geeta Society participates in variety of interfaith conferences organized by churches, temples, universities, schools and common wealth club. Mankind has originated from one root, though it is split up into various faiths and beliefs, now again it is striving for the recovery of its original unity, reconciliation, mutual peace and harmony. Mrs. Prabha Duneja is a frequent participant in interfaith gatherings with the well-known educationists and religious leaders. She is also an active member of Tri-valley inter-faith council and Women's foundation for world peace, U.S.A. and participates very enthusiastically in their services especially organized on birthday of Martin Luther King Jr., Baccalaureate, Thanksgiving service, other workshops and seminars on hospice care, religion, spirituality, faith and families and philosophy. She believes in the truth declared by our sages that one authentic voice of all religions is the voice of love, compassion, mutual help and care.

According to Hindu philosophy although people perform their daily religious rituals at home with other members of the family still it is important to congregate once a week for group recitals and collective prayers. Spiritual get together promotes mutual understanding, trust and co-operation. Geeta satsangs are open to the public every Wednesday from 10 am to 1 pm. The theme of self-understanding and self-realization is presented in an authentic, comprehensive, easy and contemporary style by Mrs. Prabha Duneja. Her approach is unique and systematic in synthesizing the wisdom of the East with the modern approaches of the West. Her selection of quotations from inspired sources makes her presentation quite meaningful and refreshing.

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Vedic rituals which include the vedic samskaras (Sacraments) such as Garbhadhana, Simantonnayana, Jatakarma, Namakarna, Nishkramana, Annaprashana, Chudakarma, (Mundan ceremony), Upanayana (sacred thread ceremony), Vedarmbha (high school graduation), Samavartana, engagement and marriage ceremonies are performed in vedic tradition with detail explanation of each step in English in order to educate the young generation into the cultural heritage of vedic religion and also the cultural tradition of India. Various gods and goddesses are worshiped on these occasions with the specific concept associated with each one of them in a very systematic and methodical style.

Beside the performance of vedic samskaras the other rituals such as Grahapravesh (worship for moving into a new house), Shala Pravesh (buying a new business or entering into a new business), Boomi Puja (worship before and after the construction of the new house), Mandap Mahurata, Graha shanthi, Sumangal prartana (worship before the wedding), special worships and prayers for the ancestors during Shrada. Devi worship during Navratra and Lakshmi worship on Diwali, other worships just for the peace, good health and prosperity of the family are performed while giving due importance to the presiding naxatara (constellation), the birth sign, the position of sun, moon and other nine planets.

Prabha Duneja currently teaches yoga and meditation classes throughout the San Francisco bay area. Please contact the centers for more information.

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