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This book is an introduction to the most valuable psychological movement of modern age. Mantra and the modern man is a systematic presentation of quite beneficial, self-training techniques for God-realization and Self-realization. There is no question about the depth of spiritual experience which this book provides and from which people from all over the world can learn in all respects. From the view point of religion, psychotherapy and metaphysics; this book is one of the most valuable contributions in the field.Mantra and the Modern man enlightens the readers about the understanding of mantra and guides them into the practice of mantra japam; as described in ancient religious traditions of the world. Written in an accessible and informative style this book can help the reader to expand his awareness of the Supreme-Self to which he should connect his life in order to understand his own spiritual nature and also to influence the life of others.

Excerpts from the book: 

  • Mantras are a great gift of God to mankind, which came with the creation. Mantras have been designed for the welfare of mankind. They are meant to connect us back to the Creator to whom we belong, the voice of the Supreme-Self.

  • Mantra Japam is meant to uplift the life of an aspirant from the lower levels of ego-centric self to the loftier heights of the Universal Self.

  • Mantra recitation is like printing impressions of certain spiritual words into the deepest layers of our consciousness.

  • As the heart sings effortlessly the words of the Mantra, we feel as if the whole universe is singing with us. At this point, Mantra becomes endowed with enormous spiritual power, and as it circulates and vibrates throughout the whole body, it energizes each and every cell in the body. All the impurities are washed out and there comes a boundless love and devotion for God.

  • A mind settled in the essential nature of the Self becomes very peaceful and radiates inner peace all around.

  • We cannot meditate on God just by learning the techniques and technicalities of meditation. The most important factor which enables the meditator to be at ease, is his constant association with God every minute of day-to-day life.


In Mantra and the Modern Man, Prabha Duneja takes her readers on a spiritual odyssey through the depths of the human psyche to the esoteric truths that lead not only to the harmony of the inner-self with society but ultimately to union with the Universal Self. Written with the same keen insight and poetic voice that makes her such a powerful speaker, Duneja's reflections remind us that while a mantra, as the distillation of Ultimate Reality, provides a doorway to liberation, it is up to each of us to walk through that door. This volume, like much of Duneja's other work, is immensely helpful for students who are seeking more than a preliminary understanding of concepts and theories-Mantra and the Modern Man beckons the heart and soul, as well as the mind. With a passion for teaching and her obvious gifts for speaking and writing, Prabha Duneja is fast-becoming an important voice among those interpreting Hindu spiritual practice.
Dr. Norris W. Palmer
Saint Mary's College of California


Mantra and the Modern Man by Mrs. Prabha Duneja discusses the use of the mantra, or sound, as a path to the Divine. Repetition of a divine name has long been held in many religious traditions to be an efficacious method for the transformation of consciousness. Mrs. Duneja's well-researched work sheds much light on this subject. For those seriously interested in practical spiritual life, Mantra and the Modern Man, will be a very useful guide.
Swami Prabhudhananda
Vedanta Society of Northern California


The Lord has raised up in Prabha Duneja the skills and spirit of a great teacher. Mantra and the Modern Man is an inspired blend of theology and practice, inviting the reader deeper into union with the Divine. The combination of contemplation, active prayer, and discipline she teaches will bear good fruit in the lives of seekers from many traditions.
The Rev. Carol L. Cook,
M.A., M.Div., Episcopal Priest, CA


 In 'Mantra and the Modern Man' Prabha Duneja offers a simple and effective method of spiritual practice known as Mantra Japam. By the constant repetition of a sacred word or phrase, spiritual seekers can learn to reorder their mental landscapes and, in effect, "pray without ceasing". (I Thess. 5:17)

For those who wish to deepen their spiritual life even in the midst of daily responsibilities of work and family, this book can be the doorway into a profound experience. The method can be adapted and adopted by a devout seeker of any faith tradition.
The Rev. Lois F. Rose
United Church of Christ Great Barrington, MA


The entire universe is ruled by a universal law called Rit. This law becomes visible in the form of a vibration. The Great Philosophers refer to it as the Music of spheres. Indians call it Anhat Üabda, Omkar, or simply Aum. Aum is the shortest and the most potent mantra. Everything we see is the gross condensation of A-U-M. The entire universe, say the Upanisads, has emerged out of Aum and shall dissolve into Aum. Going back to Aum is like viewing the process of creation in reverse-penetrating the gross till we become one with the all-pervading vibration. In achieving this objective mantrajap can be of great help.

Prabha Duneja-a mumuksu of great merit-had delved deep into the mystery of this sacred syllable. She has also introduced the readers to a number of other mantras revolving round other divinities; each can choose a mantra which he loves most. It is for the first time that an eminent author has explained the science of mantra in a lucid language. For the uninitiated, it is a god sent opportunity to understand this esoteric wisdom and practice it to derive full benefit. The modern man, who is inclined towards materialism, is invited to test the efficacy of mantra jap. If done with faith, he may be gradually elevated to a higher plane and experience hitherto unknown bliss.
Dr. Baldeo Sahai
Fellow, Indian National Science Academy, Govt. of India


'Mantra and the Modern Man' emphazises upon the relevance of 'Mantra' to the modern living. The book is well documented and stresses the need of synthesis ancient with modern in order to achieve the perfection in one's life.
Dr. Ravi Prakash Arya
Indian Foundation for Vedic Science, Delhi (India)


There is a great wisdom in this modest volume. Mantra and the Modern Man provides a balm from the increasingly hectic pace of our times. At its heart, the book recommends not only a means of healing, but also a way of being in wholeness as part of all that is sacred. I am deeply grateful for what I found in these pages and can only add that Mrs. Duneja deserves a wide audience, indeed.
The Rev. Eric H. Meter
President, Tri-Valley Interfaith Council


 'Mantra and the Modern Man' attempts to bring about a clear understanding of the Universe as an Organic Whole. The author follows the path of devotion to God. She stresses the need of using the Mantra Technique to solve the problems faced by human beings and the environment as a whole. She has deep concern for serenity and coordination in the society. This book ushers a new intellectual movement for the present age and is a must for all, so that we can realize the role of 'surrender to God' as the most potent means for solving our problems.

A Reader

One cannot help being impressed with the skill which Prabha uses in describing how Mantra can and should be used in bringing modern man into more intimate contact with our Divine Maker. She explains beautifully the benefits of doing so. Her broad understanding and personal experiences are amply supported with those of other distinguished spiritual leaders and teachers from many religions and from many regions of the world. Her use of scriptures from many sources adds authenticity to her work.

While I dare not claim to fully understand the depth of her writings, I sense a close similarity between them and many of my own Christian beliefs. Namely: Man's body is a temple of God and should be treated as such; that there is a spark of Divinity in all men which can only be enlarged as he draws nearer to God in thought and deed.
The Rev. Val Black
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Mantra and the Modern Man is a systematic presentation of quite beneficial self-training techniques for God-realization and Self-realization.
Publisher, Ancient Vedic Literature

Mantra and the Modern Man enlightens the readers about the subtle understanding of Mantra and guides them into the practice of Mantra recitation as explained in ancient religious traditions of the world. Focusing particularly upon the necessity of Mantra Jap, this book provides the most appropriate guidance for living a harmonious life.
P.N. Bhargava
A senior proof reader in The Hindustan Times



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