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Prabha Duneja a well known vedic scholar and devotee of Lord Krishna also performs the following vedic rituals 

  • Namakaren (Naming Ceremony)
  • Annaprashan samskar
  • Munden samskar
  • Upanayan (Sacred Thread Ceremony)
  • Vedaarambah (Graduation Ceremony)
  • Engagement
  • Vedic Wedding Ceremony
  • Navagraha worship
  • Graha Pravesh (Worship for the new House)
  • Shala Pravesh (Worship for the new Business)
  • Saraswati worship
  • Laxmi worship
  • Devi worship
  • Satyanarayan Katha
  • Gayatri yagna


Geeta society provides meditation classes at every friday night from 7.30 PM to 8.30 PM.
Location : The Yoga fusion
2217 N San Ramon Valley Blvd
San Ramon CA
(925) 705-1228


For more information, go to 

Mrs. Prabha Duneja, founder/president of The Geeta Society, is a well-known Vedic scholar and a devotee of Lord Krishna. She is the author of numerous religious books, including: Hinduism: Scriptures and Practices; The Holy Geeta (her translation); The Legacy of Yoga in Bhagawad Geeta; The Holy Syllable Aum; Shiva and Mantra and the Modern Man. Born in India, Mrs. Duneja spent her childhood in the small town of Punjab, where her devotion to Lord Krishna and her fascination for the study of Geeta were launched at the early age of eight. She graduated from the Sanskrit University of Kurukshetra. After coming to United States, she took a teaching assignment at Junior High School; but her lifelong interest in the study of comparative religion, philosophy and mysticism eventually led her to leave classroom teaching and shift her focus. Her life is now dedicated to teaching about Hinduism and the wisdom of the Vedas and to providing religious and spiritual services to her community. She has recorded numerous educational CDs on Bhagawad Geeta, Hinduism's gods and goddesses, Shiva, primordial sound meditation, and much more. She gives workshops on the science of yoga and mediation and presents frequently at temples, schools, universities, churches and religious conferences, including the Parliament of world religions. In the words of Professor Norris Palmer, “Her commentary, both explaining the text and expanding upon it, brings clarity to the most delicate and difficult concepts. ”Mrs. Duneja is an active member of the Women's Federation for World Peace, and the United Nations Association USA. She is chairwoman of the Women’s Interfaith Circle of Service/CC-URI. She is a recipient of the Global Citizen award, given by UNA-USA East Bay for her tireless efforts on behalf of schools and orphanages in India and Mozambique.



Prabha Duneja

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