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Over the last 15 years, Geeta Society has established a remarkable network of services across the country. Besides the global support in education, Geeta lectures and meditation workshops, the society also offers help in the performance of Vedic rituals such as Seemantonayana, Naamkarana (Naming ceremony), Annaprashana, Mundana, Upanayana, Vedarambha and Vivaha Samskara (Vedic wedding ceremony). All these rituals are performed with detailed English explanation of Vedic hymns at each step.   

Publication of ancient Vedic scriptures, and free distribution of books and CDs at Temples, Yoga retreats, Churches, Religious Conferences and Universities have opened a new horizon of spiritual education common to all religious traditions of the world. Geeta Society works with professors in the religious studies department of Saint Mary's college of CA, Dominican University of CA, The Chaplaincy Institute Berkeley CA. and Yuba college Marysville CA.   

The Vedic legacy of "Unity, Integrity and Service" reflects through the dedicated services of the organization. The Holy Vedas declare "May our aspirations be in perfect harmony with each other. May our thinking be peaceful and synchronous and may we all prosper while keeping in mind the universal welfare and fraternity." (Rigveda.10.194) It is our constant endeavor to improve all the services of the society. Organizing all the activities of Geeta Society has been possible with help of devotees who volunteer their time and efforts very sincerely. We want to thank each one of them for their sincere support over the years  

May the teachings of The Holy Vedas, The Upanishdas, The Ramayana, The Bhagawad Geeta, and yogic unity with the Supreme-Soul, bless everyone with the power of enlightened love, devotion, spiritual intimacy, and true knowledge --- restoring peace, happiness and harmony on Earth. 


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