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Bhagawad Geeta - The Gospel of Timeless Wisdom (10 volume series)


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These lectures on Bhagawad Geeta in english present the journey of human soul from a confused and depressed state of mind into the realm of peace and inner integrity; where the individual soul resorts to the infinity of the Supreme-soul, becomes receptive to the voice of God and introduced to its inherent potential. This is the experience of Holy Communion and the discovery of Life-in-itself. It is being awakened to ones, own divinity and the field of infinite possibilities. Lectures on Bhagawad Geeta include in depth the psychological effects of teachings on human consciousness and the subjective changes that occur with devoted and receptive attitude of Arjuna. Throughout the long conversation between Sri Krsna and Arjuna, there are other substantive ideas related not so much to the immediate problem of Arjuna but which has a profound bearing on process of Self-unfoldment and Self-realization. Sri Krsna enlightens Arjuna about the games of mind and alerts him about the conditioned experiences of the senses. He tells that when a person screens reality through the ideas which are conditioned with some fixed notion he becomes fragmented and confused but when he goes beyond the intrigues of mind and receives direct guidance from the Higher-Self he is gradually liberated from the deep psychological conditioning of the lower-self. The inner guidance disperses his confusion about the conflicted emotions and he becomes more and more receptive to the call of the Supreme-Self. The essential message of Bhagawad Geeta as presented in these lectures is very inspiring, enlightening, refreshing and absorbing; in which the understanding of relationship between mind, body and spirit is renewed at every step. The perennial message of self-knowledge through alignment with the Supreme-soul is expressed marvelously. It is interesting, appealing, comprehensive and replete with profound wisdom, actualities, truths and mysteries of life. The concept of yoga has been presented with exceptional clarity, simplicity and depth. There is special emphasis on the nature of performing action, the meaningful purpose of life and insight demanded of us to solve the basic problems everyday life. The ancient wisdom of East has been synthesized with the modern approach of West.

Volume 1:

  • The glory of Bhagawad Geeta
  • Reincarnation


Volume 2:

  • The Gospel of selfless action
  • The concept of swadharma in Geeta
  • The meaning of sannyasa


Volume 3:

  • Meditation
  • As is the macrocosom so is the microcosom


Volume 4:

  • The journey of the soul


Volume 5:

  • The experiential knowledge of the Self
  • Omniscience of God
  • Unity with the Cosmic-Self


Volume 6:

  • The Glory of devotion


Volume 7:

  • The Body is a field
  • The masks of Conditioned - Self


Volume 8:

  • Realization of the Supreme-Self


Volume 9:

  • The fields of positive and Negative Forces
  • The Mysterious powers of Aum Tat Sat


Volume 10:

  • Surrender in God



I was introduced to your tapes by my colleague at NEC Electronics Inc. I wanted to write to you to say how much I have enjoyed listening to your voice and lectures on both the Bhagawad Geeta and Power of Mantra. I listen to your tapes in my car commuting to and from work. You have a beautiful calm voice and an uplifting and enlightened message; combined with soothing background music. It is a tonic for me both before and after a stress filled day. It also is a necessary daily reminder for me to make my work day more positive and enjoyable by practicing at work, the principles of living you are teaching. Thank you very much for creating both sets of tapes that have given me so much enjoyment and peace of mind. I also noticed I drive more slowly and carefully while listening to your voice….there are many unexpected benefits. 

Stuart Hamilton, Director,
Design Execution Center,
NEC Electronics Inc.


 I have been listening to your tapes (Bhagawad Geeta). They are wonderful-profound and so true. They have helped me immensely - I can honestly say that I feel happier and more at peace since learning about Geeta and plan to study it more intensely in the coming months.

Elizaveth M. Maish, RN, MSN
Director, The Women Center
Northwest Medical Center
Tucson, Arizona


It is a great service that you have rendered to mankind to translate the Geeta as you have. It is so readable, sensible and understandable. The tapes are just captivating. I am so happy to have all that you gave to me. I have been giving the books away and every one who has listened to the tapes with me is very excited to hear the points that you make in them.

Bettie Little.
M.A.Center, San Ramon


I have really enjoyed reading the books and listening to your tapes and CDS. The contents of the books are of course invaluable. Your analysis on the audio tapes/CDs is quite lucid.

Dr.Sushil Karmarker


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