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This translation of Bhagawad Geeta - from the Sanskrit text with detailed introductory essay presents the psychological concepts explained in the philosophy of Geeta. The author asserts that many psychological concepts determined by the modern psychologists seem quite in conformity with the approach of Sri Krsna in Geeta. The dialogue between Sri Krsna and Arjuna includes in depth the psychological effects of teachings on human consciousness and the subjective changes that occur with devoted and receptive attitude of Arjuna.


Excerpts from the book:

  • Geeta presents the picture of a deep psychological conflict between the conditioned ego-centric self and the Higher Self which is ultimately resolved with an alignment with the source of life. It gives profound insight into the working of human psychology and makes it very clear that every person creates his own limitations, problems, whims and fantasies. Most of these whims are the dictates of his mind and ego. His bondage is the product of the functioning of 'I'-ness. In general the interpretation of the whole situation is based on how he selects and processes his incoming thoughts. When he resorts to the Supremacy of the Higher Self he goes beyond his limitations and comes to the realization that he is much more than his mind, body and ego. He experiences for himself that the notions of his assumed limitations exist only in the dimensions of his psychological and physical self. The moment he transcends his limited boundaries of false identifications a miraculous transformation takes place instantly which leads him gradually but effectively out of bondage to a new plateau where there is freedom from all anxieties and fears. The old emotional conflicts become less important and slowly seem to fade away in the mist of past. This is indeed the systematic conceptualization of the inherent potentials and introduction to the mysteries of the Higher Self. In Geeta the psychological approach of Sri Krsna has touched the hearts of millions and has aroused a genuine love, devotion and respect for Him.

  • Throughout the dialogue Arjuna is guided step by step through the conditioned intrigues of mind into the clear and precise understanding of the Self which opens the doorway to Self-realization, God-realization and liberation. The entire approach towards various facets of Arjuna's problems is very natural, psychological, practical and profound.

  • Right in the first chapter when Arjuna expresses his deep sorrow on the painful memories of past and his concern about his relatives Sri Krsna, the knower of human psychology, remains silent. He listens peacefully the long lecture of escapism from Arjuna. He doesn't show any sign of appreciation, sympathy or criticism. Sri Krsna knows when a person is depressed and speaks in confusion and self-pity he should be allowed to speak, and until he is ready to listen no comments should be made. Sri Krsna also knows that a deluded and confused person who is disintegrated, makes lofty statements according to his point of view which are generally self-contradictory and irrelevant to the situation at hand. Arjuna's arguments are hollow, extremely sentimental and highly emotional. He continues to speak in utter depression and Sri Krsna listens calmly until Arjuna requests for guidance and becomes receptive to suggestions. This systematic and simple approach of Sri Krsna in counseling Arjuna to the realization of his inborn duty makes the study of the Holy sermon very rewarding.

  • Sri Krsna makes it very clear to Arjuna that mukti or Moksha is not only at departure from the world. Liberation and absolute Bliss can be achieved in one's present life-time and also in the life hereafter. Liberation is in living in the awareness of the Divine, liberation is the acceptance of the self, liberation is living a life above the dualities such as pleasure and pain, gain and loss, honor and dishonor, victory and defeat. Liberation is living in the nature of the Supreme Soul. Moksha or Nirvana is right here in the middle of Samsara. It is to be in touch with the centre of our being-saheja avastha, where we are not compelled by our ego-centric conditioned habits, where we have no regrets, no expectations, no fear and we can hold on to our essential nature which is pure, peaceful and absolute Bliss.

Foreword :

The modern age is, no doubt, a scientific age. Science has provided the modern man all to make his life comfortable, but still there is a cruel paradox of material plenty without an iota of mental peace. How can a harmonization be brought about in this clash of the objective opulence and subjective poverty, Bhagawad Geeta, the dialogue between Sri Krsna and Arjuna, in the battle-field of 'Mahabharata' war, provides the answer. In this elegant edition Mrs. Prabha Duneja, with her erudite scholarship, and above all, with the kind grace of God Almighty, has explained the essential message of Bhagawad Geeta in such a remarkable manner that the laymen as well as learned, anywhere on this earth, would find her work most enlightening as well as inspiring.

With blessings,
-M. Gopal Swami Saraswati


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