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  • Size:10.5cmx16cms
Pages:136 (Soft cover)
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This elegant handy volume features a simple format, crisp summary of each chapter with special emphasis on the explanation of yogic philosophy in Geeta. This small edition draws the readers into an interesting study of yogic mysteries and understanding of the Self at the various levels of consciousness. Designed especially for the modern generation, this book is ideal for any one seeking to replace inner stress with inner peace and needs guidance, grace and inspiration in daily life.


Excerpts from the book:

  • Bhagawad Geeta presents many aspected implications of the practice of yogic unity in one's day-to-day life. There are unique techniques explained in the dialogue for self-unfoldment, self-realization, and God-realization.

  • Unity in yoga helps the individual to develop a special ability of maintaining the presence of mind under all circumstances in life. It promotes creativity, productivity, clarity and precision of thoughts.

  • Bhagawad Geeta declares that human potentials are enormous and every individual can unfold his potentials simply by living in the awareness of the indwelling Self. Any one who accelerates himself to the purity of yogic unity in transcendence develops the unity consciousness; he helps himself as well as the community in which he lives.

  • Presence of mind is the clear reflection of an integrated intellect united in yogic transcendence.


From the Preface:

Wrapped in the middle of the great epic Mahabharata is the holy dialogue between Arjuna and Lord Krsna. Geeta the 'Song Celestial' is like a dehelidipakanyaya-a lamp placed on the threshold which connects many rooms. The light of the holy Sermon radiates from the middle towards the first six chapters of the great epic and definitely through the other twelve chapters towards the peace at last. Geeta presents the journey of the individual-Soul from a confused and depressed state of mind into the realization of the Self through total Surrender in God. The dialogue opens with 'Vishada Yoga' and is Concluded in 'Prasada Yoga' wherein the depressed mind wakeup to the essential nature of the Indwelling-Self and resumes its true identity. It is indeed a fact that when the individual mind becomes aligned to the source of life, the depressed and dejected mind glides into the grace of the Supreme-Self; the Vishada (pain) is transformed into Prasada (peace & happiness) and the life becomes a blessing. The embodied self that has descended earlier into the limitations of mind and body now wakes up to the majesty of its own infinitude. The person who was enshrouded earlier in depression and loneliness-he is awakened into the blessed state of perceiving inner peace, integrity and happiness. The life that seemed like a useless burden now feels like a great blessing to be used in the service to the mankind.

The individual's love and respect for life blossoms and he realizes his meaningful purposes for his being in the world. He becomes self-confident, optimistic, courageous, enthusiastic, and moves forward quite intuitively, spontaneously and harmoniously. Such an awakened individual becomes an embodiment of bliss and carries that bliss wherever he goes.

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